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Professional Industrial Psychology Services Illawonga

The comprehensive range of counselling services provided by our team of dedicated psychologists in Illawong will enable your employees to better deal with complex job situations and challenges. If you're dealing with employee relationship issues, resurfacing management problems, or are simply seeking support managing a difficult employee, Industrial Psychology Consultants has the tools and expertise to provide a solution. If you would like a more engaged, productive and mentally healthy workforce, our psychology services in Illawong may provide the solutions you need.
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What We Do

Most people spend a third of their adult lives at work. At Industrial Psychology Consultants, we work with adults who are experiencing workplace difficulties. In addition, we provide high quality coaching services for professionals and executives who are unaware how to take the next big step in their careers and need assistance with career progression. Our collaborative approach enables us to work with employees, the employer and the Human Resource Department, in order to plan for a sustainable increase in workplace and corporate mental health. Our aim is to improve both personal and workplace productivity, and provide help for the difficulties faced in modern working life.

Counselling Help For Employees

Here at Industrial Psychology Consultants, we help your business employees to better:
  • manage high-stress jobs, including emergency services, army and mining
  • reduce work-related stress and interpersonal conflict
  • manage difficult work relationships and resolve conflicts 
  • improve job functioning and performance
  • recover from workplace trauma and other psychological injuries
  • return to work after an injury or extended absence
  • recover from redundancy or dismissal
  • approach career development, advancement or change

Delivering Sustainable Results

At Industrial Psychology Consultants, we deliver sustainable results - not ‘quick fix’ solutions. We pride ourselves on offering high quality, corporate psychology services which are driven by diagnostic methodology and evidence based practice.

Our experienced business and corporate psychologists at Industrial Psychology Consultants provide organisations with the tools to better understand, measure and solve internal issues. 

Our corporate psychology services are provided by professional psychologists and organisational development consultants who are experienced in dealing with a broad range of workplace issues. 

Contact our team today to give your business the mental edge.

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